Jamie Fraser
More than just a church organist...a total musician.

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"Jamie is a wonderful pianist. He's a very sympathetic player and accompanies vocalists beautifully. He's a wonderful songwriter and a beautiful lyricist, and I enjoy working with him."—Mary Panacci, Mississauga singer, in archive footage for Jamie's unfinished promo kit video Reaching for the Stars (2000)

"The first time I laid my ears on Jamie was at Humber College. Anybody who gets 100% ear training—it makes you honor him because I'm not in that position. And he's naturally gifted, which on many occasions I was witness to. In particular, one time we did a concert: I arranged and wrote most of the songs, and the finale, of course, was Jamie as The Phantom, and he did not let the audience down because he took the place apart with his virtuosity and his charisma on stage. On other occasions...I worked for a long time with a Jamaican fellow, Lloyd Delpratt, and on a number of occasions he could not make the job, and it was only a trio. For somebody [like Jamie] to sub for Lloyd Delpratt is admirable, to say the least, and Jamie came through with flying colors. Again, the audience was flabbergasted with all his skill, his vocal technique, his instrumental technique—in short, a musician's musician."—Adolf Mayer, Toronto guitarist, in archive footage for Reaching for the Stars

"[Jamie] is a tremendously great asset to our parish. Even before I came [to St. Augustine's Parish as pastor five years ago], for many years he has been rendering his great service. I've seen his talent, especially when our new organ [console] was installed here [in 1997]: he really played and dazzled the congregation here. He's on time...he knows his reeds, the music, the buttons, the pedals, whatever, you name it—he knows music and many other musical instruments also...Everybody enjoys his playing in doing the music here...All you have to [do is] tell him to sing this or play that, and he's ready...Everyone who has come here listens to his music, listens to his playing, [and] goes home happy."—Father Vincent Pereira, then-pastor of St. Augustine's Parish, in archive footage for Reaching for the Stars

"Jamie Fraser. Yes, that's the type of student every music educator loves to see walk through those doors. When he walked through in grade 9 at J.S. Woodsworth High School, it was pretty obvious right from the start that he had all kinds of talent. But besides the talent, he had dedication and he had enthusiasm. And just to be around that—not just as the music teacher, but the students around him were just sort of lifted up into the next level, just following him. It was great. It was great having him in the ensembles. It was great having him in the classroom. He was always composing, always creating, always talking about music. And he's still got that."—Geoff Linklater, music teacher at J.S. Woodsworth Secondary School, Nepean, Ontario, in Committed to the Keys, Todd Craddock's student documentary on Jamie (1986)


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