Jamie Fraser
More than just a church organist...a total musician.

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Jamie has reverted back to his old Toronto phone number. Click here for details.

The raw imagery for the video Mission into Mystery has been added to the Photos page.

The raw imagery for the video Her Debutant Battle has been added to the Photos page.

The blog page has now been split into year-specific pages. Only the current year's entries will be on the main page, with links to entries from prior years.

Jamie has now implemented the use of his business logo. Though it is designed as an abstract form of the initials JF, the basic shape is simple enough to be drawn in a few penstrokes.

Jamie's career highlights have been moved to the Bio page.

Contacting Jamie is now easier! You can now send any correspondence with him—requesting information, booking him for gigs, etc.—to jamie@jamiefraser.ca.

Sample audio files are now available for some songs listed on the Repertoire page. These are clips of roughly thirty seconds in duration and are not of the complete songs.

Programs and related print media are now available on the Events page for certain events.

This website has been slightly restructured. What previously appeared here as the News page is now a Blog page, and the order of the headings has been rearranged.

Jamie has written a song called "So Surreal and Yet So Real", which is about a relationship between a man and an artificially intelligent chatbot. A polished recording of this song is forthcoming, but for now a MIDI demo version can be heard on the video page.

Jamie has released for streaming on Reverbnation an instrumental tune called "Firedance", which presents some Celtic rock flavor with a bit of didgeridoo thrown in.

A video produced by Jamie Fraser and Adolf Mayer, called "Ach neige", has been released on YouTube. The music portion, written by Adolf as a setting to Gretchen's lament in Goethe's play Faust, features Jamie on vocals. Jamie has also edited several other videos for Adolf, all of which can be found on Adolf's YouTube channel and on the Repertoire page. Most of the videos feature Adolf's compositions and his daughter Franziska Windover's pencil drawings. More recent videos feature stock footage and/or AI-generated stills selected and edited by Jamie.

Jamie has released for streaming on ReverbNation an instrumental tune called "Hustle and Bustle". Inspired by the Antonio Carlos Jobim tune "Double Rainbow", it has a feel reminiscent of Lee Morgan's "The Sidewinder".

Jamie has released for streaming on ReverbNation a new song called "L-O-V-E". It talks about how we can make our planet a better place by loving and caring about each other, and by turning to our Creator for help in situations where we don't have all the answers. Check it out!

Jamie has written and recorded his trumpet debut, called "Elegy For My Father". Released on ReverbNation on the fourth anniversary of his father's death, the tune, available for streaming here, has been hailed by his colleagues as "lovely" and "very moving". Production notes for the tune are available here and clearly indicate the thoughtful and loving effort that went into this project. An associated video, released on Father's Day 2015, can be seen on the video page.

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